Museveni to Attend the Second Round of Presidential Debate

President Museveni

President Museveni will attend the second round of the presidential debate though National Resistance Movement (NRM) team and the debate organisers are locked in negotiations.

President Museveni
President Museveni

The Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) has set Saturday, February 13, as the date for the second round of debate but the NRM team want the date changed.

Museveni missed the first round that was held on January 15th.

The party campaign task force argued that their candidate would not attend the first round because their rallies end late and there is no time for Museveni to travel from the countryside districts to Kampala where the debate is going to take place.

Museveni was later quoted saying that debates are for “secondary school kids.”

NRM campaign task force spokesperson Mike Sebalu today morning said the party is looking for ways of accommodating the debate schedule in their programme to enable Museveni attend.

“As a party, we are looking at harmonizing our programme to enable our candidate [Museveni] attend, he said. “There are arrangements to accommodate the debate.”

Sebalu confirmed that he has “attended a couple of meetings with organisers” and “high level discussions continue.”

He said debating is a cup of tea for Museveni. “He is a good communicator who has even done this internationally,” Sebalu noted.

The second round of the debate will focus chiefly on foreign policy, East African integration, terrorism, peace and security.

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