Pemba elected Elite martial arts president

Pemba elected Elite martial arts president

By Martin Kaddu

After financing a couple of martial art fights, flamboyant Jackson Pemba has gotten much addicted and has eventually ventured into administration.

The Pemba Sport for Africa boss reaped big on Thursday as he was appointed the Elite Martial Arts Federation (EMF) in charge of African region. Pemba was appointed by the world Elite Martial Arts Federation president Mike O’Brien the Federation offices in Dubai that was also attended by Sultan El Sayed- the president in charge of the Middle East region.

“I want to see more Ugandan fighters having international fights and I will have the continental office in Kampala,” Pemba confirmed.

The sports Philanthropist has before sponsored body builder Ivan Byekwaso, kick boxer Umar Semata and basketball side Warriors. He is also said to be in line to take over financially struggling Lweza FC.

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