PM Mayiga Salutes Banyankore During Visit

Peter Mayiga greets David Francis Katende and others who were there to congratulate him

The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga met with kingdom subjects and supporters living in Ankole amidst heavy security.

Members of the Ankole Cultural Trust Foundation had protested against the Buganda Kingdom premier’s visit. The members of the cultural trust were unhappy that the premier had not formally asked them for permission to visit the area.

They had threatened to disrupt the PM Mayiga’s visit in Mbarara town.

However, Mayiga’s visit  proceeded without noticeable hitches.

The Katikiro was first received at Igongo cultural centre in Mbarara where he admired the cultural heritage on display.

Mayiga called upon the government to respect the various people’s cultural heritage within its borders if Uganda is to make meaningful development.

Mayiga said the Government should allow people from different cultural institutions to work together despite of their different cultural norms and heritage.

He thanked the Banyankore for hosting Banganda community in Ankole region for over 130 years without any conflict like in other regions of the country.

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4 thoughts on “PM Mayiga Salutes Banyankore During Visit

  1. Mayiga should stop being sarcastic thanking Banyankole for hosting Baganda for many years when he knows Baganda one time made us sing ekitibwa kya Buganda in Uganda’s capital city.

    1. Mayiga Oyeeee, personally am from Ankole and Bunyankole 100% but i love to see people putting all their differences a side and wanting to see Uganda as one. i remember the time Besigye and tear gas had become the order of the day, in taxis people were having all the bad words for banyankole as if we are Besigye or Museveni. if we cant love ourselves as ugandans, who then will! the sudanese or the somalies? its high time we worked together and put our differences aside. If its Museveni you hate then dont generalize all of us. Personally am sweating like any other citizen to earn a living, but you find people thinking may be there is a tree in state house for westerners where they harvest money lol. Learn to sit down and use your brains to make money but not wait for free things. God bless our Uganda

  2. Museveni should be careful with this Mayiga guy, he is silently nursing presidential ambitions

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