Police Arrests Man For Defiling Own Daughter

Kabale Police are holding a man accused of defiling his biological daughter for the last two years.

The suspect is 46-year-old Francis Mujurizi a resident of Haguhinga Cell in Butanda Sub County in Kabale district. According to police, Mujurizi started defiling his 17 year old daughter in 2012 when she moved to stay with him.

The girl was initially staying with her mother in Tororo district after she broke up with Mujurizi many years ago.

The suspect was picked up by police on a tip off from concerned residents. It is alleged that when the minor returned from Tororo, Mujurizi started using her as his wife and threatened to kill her should she disclose his conduct to residents.

However, the issue came to light after the defilement victim shared her ordeal with members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Center, who helped her to report the matter to police.

Ely Matte, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson has described the incident as unfortunate. Maate says the suspect is currently being held at Kabale central Police station.

The suspect faces charges of incest and defilement.

Section 149 of the Penal Code Act says a person commits incest if they have sexual intercourse with another person with whom, to his or her knowledge, any of the following relationships exists.

Incest is an offence punishable by 7 years in prison; however, if the other person is below 18 years old, then the sentence is life in prison.

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  1. The act has been going on for 2 years since the girl was 17years old,surely at 17 the could not think of escaping or running away for that matter,she could not know that what her father was doing was not right either.She should be examined maybe she is not stable mentally.

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