Prime Minister Nabbanja Clears Nyege Nyege festival

By Our Reporter
The government of Uganda has changed again and it has allowed Nyege Nyege 2022 to take place as it was earlier planned.
This came after Parliament chaired by the speaker Hon Anitah Among said it is not proper to host Nyege Nyege every year on allegations that the event promotes immorality.
It was debated about and today morning the Prime Minister Hon Robina Nabanja held a meeting with some ministers and they ended up deciding to continue with the event.
Africa’s most anticipated festival, Nyege Nyege is set to happen from the 15th to the 18th of September at the Itanda Falls, Jinja.
Listening to the plight of Ugandan youth who  not only look forward to making merry but also making money from the mega festival, The Prime Minister of Uganda, Hon. Robinah Nabbanja  gave the event organizers a go ahead with preparations for the upcoming festival which is due in 8 days.
The festival serves as a tourism, social and economic hub for thousands of Ugandan youth who not only come together to have fun but also trade in arts, culinary, culture and music experiences.
Talent Africa Group CEO, Aly Allibhai noted that regulatory and security organs are on board to see that the festival is a success.
“We promise to work closely with relevant regulatory and security organs to continuously hold the flag of Uganda’s tourism high while creating an opportunity for Ugandans to work and also party hard. All roads lead to itanda falls from the 15th to the 18th of September,” Allibhai said.
We have learnt that early bird tickets for the festival are available at Ugx160,000 till Monday 12th September and will thereafter go for Ugx250,000.

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