Public Pour Praises on Rajiv Ruparelia after Felista Di Superstar Passes P.7 at Kampala Parents’ School

Felista, is the youngest female rapper .In the photo she had joined Kampala Parents school. (R) is Rajiv


Ugandans have lauded Ruparelia Foundation Managing Director Rajiv Ruparelia after the 8-year old Felista Di Superstar well passed her Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) on a full scholarship at Kampala Parents’ School (KPS).

Felista, is the youngest female rapper .In the photo she had joined Kampala Parents school. (R) is Rajiv

Felista Da Superstar officially joined fellow singer Fresh Kid at (KPS) on scholarship from Ruparelia Foundation to study till when she finishes Primary Seven.

‘’Felista got a very good second grade with 13 aggregates .Despite her skipping of some classes and other challenges when she didn’t have school fees before she got a scholarship at KPS Felista still managed to pass with flying colors. Special thanks to Rajiv Rupaleria’’, said a source at KPS.

Felista started school in 2020 and during her welcoming press conference held at KPS, Rajiv thanked KPS founder, Dr Sudir Ruparalia and other trustees for supporting, discovering, promoting and nurturing young talent.

Rajiv has always said that Education is not about learning in the books, education is about learning about life skills that will help you when you are old.

‘’We shall ensure you learn how to avail your discipline, learn how to be confident and we shall make sure that all we offer to you will help grow your music career,” Rajiv commented in 2020 while signing Felista.

Felista had been a rival of Fresh Kid ever since she joined the music industry, but both artistes have been sharing the same school canteen and stage while at school.

Kampala Parents’ school once again registered a commanding lead in the 2022 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results.

A total of 400 pupils sat for PLE exams and a whopping 291 excelled in division one.

Daphine Kato the school principal revealed that a total of 16 pupils scored 4 aggregates, 32 got 5 aggregates, 41 aggregate 6, 43 aggregate 7, 42 aggregate 8, 37 aggregate 9, 31 aggregate 10, 33 aggregate 11 while 16 pupils scored aggregate 12. 89 pupils scored 4-6 aggregates.

832,654 pupils sat exams from 14,691 school centres in 2022 which is higher than the 749,761 in 2020.

Kampala parents’ school is on international level but follows a local curriculum.

It’s situated along lugogo by pass and has an enrolment of over 2500 pupils with 118 well trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members. The pupils come from all over the world.

The school has been and continues to be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered.

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