Push for our own Ministry, West Nile Artistes urge Gen. Muhoozi



October 21, 2022

ARUA. The performing artistes in the West Nile region have appealed to the First Son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba to consider pushing for the creation of their own Ministry.

The artistes under their umbrella association dubbed ‘West Nile Music Association,’ strongly believe that it is through such a ministry that their problems will be heard and easily addressed by the government.

The musicians made the appeal during a press conference organized by team chairman MK project at Hotel Le Confidentiel in Arua on Thursday.

The conference was part of the preparations to officially welcome Gen. Muhoozi to the West Nile region. The four-star General will visit the region to preside over the finals of the MK project ball game tournament which will take place at Salim Saleh grounds in Mvara, Arua Central Division in Arua City on Saturday (tomorrow).

Gen. Muhoozi will later interact with thousands of youths, women and other stakeholders in West Nile over the tournament which was aimed at identifying, nurturing and developing talent in the region and across the country.

But during the press briefing, the artistes who expressed happiness to Gen. Muhoozi for his decision to visit the region said they will use the opportunity to request him to push for the creation of their own ministry which will directly address their plight.

“I want to thank team chairman MK project for this opportunity they have given us as the West Nile artistes. All these guys you see here are willing to work with MK and we have welcomed the project to West Nile, but West Nile Music is bleeding,” said Bernard Eriku aka Pingo Man.

“To what I’m thinking, if we had our own ministry as musicians in the country, things would be better. Let them give us the musicians our own ministry. I’m hopeful that this will happen and it is what we are requesting Gen. Muhoozi to push for. So, we welcome the MK project but what I’m saying is at least we should have our own ministry,” Pingo Man stressed.

Similarly, Issa Irishad commonly known as LP Shady, the West Nile Music Association spokesperson said as musicians, they are so excited that the MK project is finally in the region.

“We are so happy and privileged to have Gen. Muhoozi in the region because back then, getting such dignitaries here was a problem but he has at least now paved for us a way to think that anything is possible. Long ago, we used to think that it is only the central artistes who used to benefit from such projects but now MK has pushed a helping hand towards our cry, so we are really excited as the leaders of the artistes in West Nile,” LP Shady said.

“Another thing is that we would like to tell Gen. Muhoozi what we have been facing for the past few years in the industry and what best we can do to fix some of the problems that the music industry is facing. As an artiste union, we have a SACCO and other projects that we run. There are very many people here who do mechanics, music production and other things that need funding,” LP Shady added.

In his remarks, Mubarak Mandela alias Free Boy noted that as a music industry in West Nile, they don’t have good quality music recording studios thus limiting their music from crossing over to the central region.

“We don’t have better video shooting companies because we don’t have the cameras; the necessities like what Bebe Cool acquired. If team chairman MK project could give us one like that, we would be happy. And why we are saying that is because we feel like MK feels our pain and that is why he chose to come here and other districts because he wants to pick out the problems these youths are facing,” Free Boy stated.

According to Free Boy, Music has put so many youths out of the streets, adding that it is music that has kept them busy lest some of them would by now be thugs.

“All I want to say is that we are so excited about the whole project and we are ready to welcome team chairman MK project. Gen. Muhoozi, my OB, please we love you so much and you are going to expect massive support from us, we are going to make you happy on Saturday. We hopefully know that since you have decided to come, everything is going to be fine on our side,” excited Leila Chandiru of Emgbeleke fame said.

At least more than 30 artistes from the West Nile region have shown interest in performing during Ge. Muhoozi’s visit at Arua Golf ground shortly after presiding over the games on Saturday.


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