Rival Libya Militias In Fresh Clashes Near Tripoli

Fresh fighting has broken out between rival Libyan militias on the outskirts of the capital, Tripoli, after at least 43 people died in clashes on Friday.


The latest violence in the suburb of Tajoura pits local militiamen against incoming fighters from Misrata.

Friday’s clashes occurred after protesters marched on the headquarters of the Misrata militia to demand that it leave Tripoli, and were fired upon.

The government is struggling to contain militias who control parts of Libya.

On Saturday Prime Minister Ali Zeidan confirmed that fresh fighting had been taking place in Tajoura.

He urged all sides to “exercise maximum restraint”, adding: “No forces from outside Tripoli should attempt to enter the city because the situation is very tense and could escalate further.”

AFP quoted Mr Zeidan as saying: “The coming hours and days will be decisive for the history of Libya and the success of the revolution.”

Government-linked militias have set up checkpoints across the capital as security is tightened for the funerals of many of those killed on Friday.

Officials have updated the death toll from Friday’s violence from 31 to 43. About 500 people were wounded.

Friday’s fighting began after demonstrators marched on the headquarters of the Misrata brigades in the Ghargour district.

Misrata is about 200km to the east of the capital.

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