Hon. Anna Adeke takes oath as Soroti Woman MP in the 11th Parliament recently.

Soroti – Word on the grapevine is that Soroti District Woman MP Anna Adeke may soon quit the singles club.

Moles in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb and UK tells us that there is a Ugandan-UK based ‘lawyer’ who is bombarding her ears with sweet nothings and she is said to be on cloud 9. She is reportedly telling those who care to listen how he might be the lucky guy to spend the rest of his life locked down with.

However, friends are advising her to first study this ‘lawyer’ very well such that he may not turn out to be a ‘kiwaani’ who is only interested in her thigh land, some savings and her political fame. This is her second term in the August house.

She first joined parliament in 2016 as national Female youth Mp. She has bounced back as Soroti District Woman MP. She is among the most beautiful female legislators in that House.

Hon. Anna Adeke takes the oath as Soroti Woman MP in the 11th Parliament recently (PHOTO: NIcholas Bamulanzeki).

She recently scared the shit out of her stalker Moses Watyekele and as well a certain male Mp who fondled her breast while on a foreign trip. She’s not only f*****g gorgeous, but she’s a Makerere law school educated lawyer at a level of Masters.

Bouncing back with such a background, and at such an impressive age (29) is an added advantage to her beauty. She’s hilarious, gentle, and one of this country’s most brilliant minds on feminism. She’s the sister or a kind of a woman every man really deserves.

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