TINY DANCER! Best sex positions for men with spaghetti like manhood

You don't need a giant mega-penis to have great sex and give your partner pleasure

You don’t need a giant mega-penis to have great sex and give your partner pleasure

Sometime back, this newspaper published divorce a story where revelations brought out some of the bedroom secrets Kampala’s power couples endure in their marriage. It was between 3D Services boss Timothy Mwandha aka Tim, and his estranged wife PR Guru Lilliane Byarugaba. Among other allegations, Tim accused Byarugaba of publically comparing his manhood to that of her alleged ex Micheal Kaddu. That he (Mwandha) has a spaghetti like manhood which can’t do anything to her manhole.

The truth is every couple wants to have a fun and fulfilling sex-life that excites and satisfies them. That means getting to know your partner, working out what makes them tick and learning the unique things that give them pleasure.

This process of growing with your partner and developing a healthy sex life is often foiled by the unrealistic expectations set by porn.

The x-rated material would have every woman thinking she needs to be toned, taught and hairless while she changes position every ten seconds and loudly loves it.

It would also give fellas the impression that the only way to pleasure their partner is with a huge mega-penis that is disproportionate and a bit terrifying.

Neither of these things are true but believing them can knock your confidence and make it far more difficult to enjoy sex.


The average erect penis size is 5.2in, while the average flaccid is 3.6in.

Feelings of inadequacy about penis size can damage a man’s self-confidence and have negative effects on his social life.

Anxiety about size commonly starts after taunts from peers during teen years or from comments made by a sexual partner.

But it may also be the case that men are worrying about the issue more due to increased consumption of porn.

A study by International Andrology found the more porn men watch, the more likely they were to feel dissatisfied with their penis size.



For men who do find themselves on the smaller side, it’s important for them to know that this in no way means they cannot satisfy their partner in the bedroom.

First off, ditching the porn-induced idea that men should be massive will help them ease up and feel more confident between the sheets.


Next up, it’s about using what you’ve got to your advantage.

Foreplay is nothing to do with the size of your member, it’s all about your hands, lips and tongue.

It’s about softly exploring their body and gently encouraging them to relax and sink into the moment.

Plus don’t forget that afterplay – the intimate moments after sex – are just as important as the build up.

Once you’re warmed up and ready try one of these positions – ideal to maximise your tools.



Dr Shahzadi Harper, who specialises in how menopause affects libido, says some positions are better placed to help blokes hit their partner’s G-spot.

And she claims there’s one position which is better than all the others for men on the smaller side: the missionary position.

She told the Daily Star: “When you’re in missionary position, you end up stimulating the clitoris just as much because your pubic area rubs against the clitoris as well as penetration.

“So I think missionary is probably the best to make a woman orgasm.”

Despite being considered the most common position, the missionary position might also be favoured by the smaller fella because it allows for deeper penetration than other more complicated positions.


It sounds a little complicated, but the rewards should make it worthwhile.

According to Bustle, you start things off by lying on a flat surface and putting your legs in the air.

You then cross them at the knees or ankles.

Your partner stands up in front of you, before penetrating where “X Marks The Spot“.

It works best on higher pieces of furniture, such as tables or desks, as beds are a little too short.

And despite the tricky logistics, couples are said to be loving the move.

There’s a very good reason why – crossing your legs at the knees makes for a tighter and more intense sensation.

This makes it ideal for those who are a little less well-endowed.

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