Ugandan Arrested In Rwanda Over Human Trafficking

Kigali- Rwandan Immigration Authorities intercepted a Ugandan businessman at Kagitumba border after suspecting him of involvement in trafficking underage girls from Kigali to Uganda for prostitution.


Immigration Authorities then alerted border police who immediately arrested the Ugandan. He was arrested on September 3.

The businessman identified as Uwera Baguma was arrested in the company another man Innocent Mpabuka, a Rwandan who is thought to be his accomplice.

Sources at Immigration identified the girls as Yvonne Nyirandegeya, 22 and Jeannette Mukaminega 21.

Rwandan police has said previously cases involving young girls being trafficked in the neighboring countries were increasing.

“The suspects and girls are detained at Remera police station in Kigali as investigations continue,” Ange Sebutege, immigration public relations officer said.

Last year, the office of the Prosecutor General in Rwanda said it was investigating a case involving a Ugandan national, David Behakanira over alleged human trafficking.

Parents in Kigali had accused Mr Behakanira of luring their daughters from schools into prostitution after taking them to Bushenyi District in Western Uganda where he had promised to offer them hotel jobs.

Police arrested Mr Behakanira following a tip-off from one of the girls. The suspect was arrested together with Oliver Nshizirungu, also a Rwandan, who was allegedly acting as his contact in Kigali.

While addressing judges and prosecutors in Kigali last Friday, President Paul Kagame repeatedly said the trade of young Rwandan girls being trafficked was disgrace to Rwandan society.

He has tasked top government officials to swiftly initiate measures to end a seemingly growing trend of trafficking in young Rwandan girls.

He said Rwandans cannot afford to keep quiet in the face of human trafficking, adding people are not commercial goods.

Article 252 of the penal code states that “Any person who abducts or causes to be abducted, arrests or causes to be arrested, detains or causes to be detained, transports or causes to be transported any person in order to make them slaves, sell them as slaves, force them into begging, illegally adopt them on payment of a consideration, take them in indecent pictures, in dangerous sports, in armed conflicts, live together as husband and wife for the purpose of torturing them or selling their organs shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of seven to 10 years and a fine of Rwf5 million to Rwf10 million.


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7 thoughts on “Ugandan Arrested In Rwanda Over Human Trafficking

  1. Uwera Baguma??- a Ugandan? May be a Ugandan-Rwandan. Girls 22 years declared underage?? What is the age of majority in Rwanda?

    1. age of majority? also note that there are many Ugandans who are banyarwanda (just check with your constitution, if you believe in it)

    1. If, allowed to speculate there are helping the police, as always claimed worldwide by the police. I hope this explains the reason for retaining these young women.

  2. Indeed, Rwandan women have lost respect outside their country. Instead, to have earned a reputation of sex object. As much as I respect their right of choice, but the increase of these young women on Kampala streets contradicts the progress of the country. I would therefore recommend to for the Rwandan government to examine the causation of this and try to find a solution to address this issue which seem to have increased recently.

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