Bitature-Vantage Saga; You landed Bitature into deep trouble-Court tells Lawyer Muwema,ordered to pay costs


By Moses Oketayot

Kampala: The war between city businessman Patrick Butature and South African based money lender, Vantage Mezzanine Fund is far from ending as Justice Stephen Mubiru just delivered another ruling ordering city lawyer Fred Muwema to personally pay legal costs for misleading his client Bitature.

“This application catastrophically lacks a legal basis. The legal costs and time wasted in this litigation could have been avoided entirely if the applicants’ advocates had discharged their duties to the expected minimum standards of professional competence.

It qualifies as a “rare and exceptional” case where it would not be fair for the applicants to bear the costs. The costs must be met by the applicants’ advocates in person” Justice Mubiru said in his ruling delivered today (Tuesday) May 24 2022.

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