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Mombasa – Venessa Nyasio – Amina continues to live in the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa, The mother of one assured her fans she still loves Tanzania and will be back there soon though she was worried of the rising cases of COVID-19 infection thus permitting her not to travel.

Ali Kiba (real names Ali Saleh Kiba) na mke waake (his babe) continue not to live under the same roof despite making peace and reuniting during their son’s first birthday.

The happy pair went their separate ways after a wave of disagreement hit their home back in 2019.

On Instagram, the musician’s wife, Amina Khalef, admitted she and her son were currently cooped up in her ancestral home, Mombasa. The mother of one who insisted she only has one child also advised women to always rely on God and avoid asking men to meet their needs at all times.

The Swahili beauty disclosed she chose to stay in Kenya due to the looming COVID-19 crisis. According to Amina, she still plans to return to her husband’s country but only when she feels it is safe to do so.

The two posed for photographs while holding their son dispelling rumours they was trouble in their paradise.

At the invites-only special party, Tanzanian star, Alikiba is seen smiling and even proclaimed his love for his wife and son.

Towards the end of 2019, the singer admitted his marriage was standing on rocky ground but he and his wife were still fighting to salvage their union. The celebrated musician warned media personalities against trivialising his woes and spreading false information regarding the reasons behind his breakup.

Gossip reaching RedPepper Digital indicated that Amina was tired of the singer’s siblings and family for they continuously meddled in her marriage and tried to slither their way into her home.

But the Aje hitmaker was quick to clear the air and insisted he had not sent his wife packing and he had no plans to divorce the mother of his child. He even maintained that his wife was not beefing with his siblings and mother.

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