Bushenyi MP returns anti-COVID-19 cash, calls for accountability in use of funds

MP Arinda handing over the money to Bushenyi District CAO

MP Arinda handing over the money to Bushenyi District CAO

Ishaka – The Bushenyi Ishaka municipality MP Gordon Arinda, on Thursday, handed over the UGX 20M to the Bushenyi district COVID 19 task force.

Handing over the money Arinda said that he full filing the directive of the president of taking the money to the district COVID task force.

He said that the money should be integrated into the district budget and do what is supposed to do.

Arinda, also known as Cow Boy among the locals of Bushenyi Ishaka municipality, said that the locals should learn a reason from this pandemic.

He said there is a need for the people of Bushenyi and in other areas to develop a culture of saving and distance themselves from unnecessary expenditure especially on booze and women.

“Everybody is affected by this pandemic in one way or another, therefore, the people of Bushenyi should learn a culture of serving because I hope this problem should be thought us a reason or two,” said Arinda.

While receiving the money the Bushenyi, Chief Accounting Officer, Malik Mahab said that they have received guidelines from both the Ministry of Finance and Local Government on how to use the money.

He said that the money will be banked in the general fund account of the district and promised to spend it according to the guidelines.

“As accounting officers, we have instructions from permanent secretaries from both the ministry of finance and local government on how to use this money and hopefully it will be handled in a special way,” said Mahaba.

This forced the Bushenyi district chairperson Jafari Bassajjabalaba to inform the locals that what Arinda has done should be imitated by other MPs of parliament from the district.

He said that though these members of parliament have donated food staff to the locals what hearted them most is UGX20M.

“We thank them for donating food to the locals of Bushenyi but the people hare are more bothered by the ugx20M they a locate themselves a few weeks ago,” said Bassajjabalaba.

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