COVID-19: Tough guidelines issued as Police cautions car-owners of dire consequences if found in violation

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga,

Kampala – Uganda Police has, on Monday, May 25 issued tough guidelines for private car owners as they return to roads come Tuesday.

While speaking to the media, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga emphasised the road safety and observation of the 7 pm-6:30 am curfew or risk dire repercussions.

“You shouldn’t forget that other Presidential guidelines are still valid like the 7 pm-6:30 am curfew and mandatory wearing of face masks,” Enanga cautioned.

Mr Enanga equally emphasised that only three occupants would be allowed; including the driver.

Enanga revealed that those nabbed in violation will have their vehicles impounded and occupants arrested, taken to court and charged with disobeying the Presidential directive.

“Every private vehicle got on the road beyond curfew hours will be impounded, occupants arrested,” said Enanga.

In a recent May 19 clarification address, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni revealed that private cars will be permitted to move beginning May 26 as the government initiates partial lifting of the lockdown.

President Museveni spelt-out a few clarifications subsequent to some issues raised of his May 18 speech with new changes blossoming in that effect.

President Museveni clarified the fate of public and private transport affirmed they will be permitted to hit roads come May 26, thus moving up the distribution of masks by NYTIL

“You don’t have to wait for the government mask. You’ll have to follow the other guidelines given in relation to use of private cars, like three occupants at a time,” he said.

President Museveni partially moved to lift lockdown after distribution of Masks to be completed by June 2

President Museveni revealed that shops selling general merchandise would now open from the May 26 – a week earlier than the previous timeline – with the food markets continuing to deal in only food.

“Market women who had stayed in the market for two months could now go home and back,’ he directed.

Public transport (buses, minibuses, taxis) would resume after proper preparations on June 4 but each will carry half of their loading capacity.

“For the border districts, we shall not allow public or the private transport, the reason is that you are on the frontline, you are the ones who can either save us or protect us because people can easily come from neighbouring countries, infiltrate our security systems and come to Kampala,” President Museveni sustained.

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