Mbarara City, District Clash Over Properties

Lord Mayor Kachebezi and LCV

LOGGER HEADS: City Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi and LCV Didas Tabaro

Mbarara – The war for sharing properties at Kamukuzi has resumed between Mbarara City Council and Mbarara District council.

The development occurred after the officials clash in the meeting at Igongo Cultural Centre when minister Raphael Magyezi had convened them.

Last week, a selected team from Mbarara City Council and Mbarara District were convinced in a meeting by Minister of Local Government Raphael Magyezi but unfortunately, boss parties failed to agree on who should take over properties at Kamukuzi where there has been the Mbarara District headquarters before they are shifted to Bwizibwera.

According to the gúidence, Mbarara City Council is supposed to occupy the premises at Kamukuzi where the district Council is claiming that they must remain with the ownership of some of the properties and generate revenue collections for their support in service delivery. In this case, both parties are pulling a rope to own properties at Kamukuzi.

The big war is between City Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi and Didas Tabaro the newly elected Mbarara District LCV Chairman. The two currently can’t see eye to eye over the properties issue.

During the meeting, Tabaro told minister Magyezi that they can’t leave their properties to Kakyebezi and his City council because they have no knowledge of how some of these buildings were built. It’s Mbarara District that built these buildings and they have been collecting some revenue out of them.

He said that they have no problem with the city council occupying the Kamukuzi administration house but they want some of the other properties to remain in the ownership of Mbarara District.

In his submission, Tabaro said that Mbarara District had contributed plenty of lands and other properties to Mbarara City Council but they sold almost all of them.

That they had given Mbarara City different projects for which they have collected a lot of revenue but they are not appreciative so that’s why they still want to take away some other few properties which the district is currently collecting some little money.

“Why are these people of Mbarara City Council too greedy yet they have many lands and properties where they can focus to develop their projects, why Kamukuzi is their Centre of focus? After all, the land titles in the names of Mbarara District,” says Chairman Tabaro.

He added that the City council has constructed even less of their properties they are just depending on the properties which were contributed by Mbarara District.

“There is nothing that can stop us as a district from owning properties in the jurisdiction of Mbarara City because it’s us that who built them we must collect revenue from our properties. We collect over 997,702,000 per year out of these properties we are fighting for and in Bwizibwera we don’t have any asset that can generate such collections, how will the district sustain when we see that the little we have been taken by the greedy people” said Tabaro.

In an exchange with Kakyebezi, the properties or buildings which are claimed by Tabaro and his council are for the government and they don’t belong to individuals, therefore those properties can be taken or be occupied by other government institutions once the proclaimer vacates.

“My humble request is that ministry of Local government should look for money and build for these people of Mbarara District so that they can go away and stop claiming things that do not belong to them. What if the other district which was off from Mbarara like Rwampara, Kazo Isingiro come and also claim for the same properties at Kamukuzi would you also share with them. So since the government has decided that Mbarara District goes to Bwizibwera just go and use the properties you find there and stop causing chaos on properties, we the occupants now and as a government entity we are mandated to use the properties that we find as long as they are in our jurisdiction,” said Kakyebezi.

Some of the properties which both parties are fighting for includes, the building where MUBs is renting, the Building where UMI is renting UNCEF grounds, Nganwa Hostel which is occupied by Generation Suits, King of Kings Church, Kakyeka Stadium and others which they insist that should keep managing these properties for income generation and for regional use.

The meeting was attended by all Mbarara City MPs and Mbarara District Area MPs plus the few selected members from Mbarara City Council and Mbarara District Council. They all failed to resolve the matter of who should manage the above-mentioned properties.

Finally, Hon. Mwine Mpaka asked the minister that they should form a select committee that will come up with a clear resolution on this matter. And on this point, they agreed to have a select committee composed of the LC5 Chairman, City Mayor and Members of Parliament from both the City and the District.

They also agreed that the status-co should be maintained which means that the management should be under the District local government.

MP Itungo said that Kamukuzi shouldn’t be an issue to both parties because already Kamukuzi is already congested, that let the government should shift Mbarara district to Bwizibwera and build for them and also Mbarara city should be moved to another place where they can secure land not necessarily Kamukuzi such that they can decongest the City but also for expansion and proper planning. That this should be done because every body wanted Kamukuzi even when Kamukuzi is already congested

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