Uninvited Guests At Ugandan Events Becoming An Offensively Pathetic Habit — Dixon Okello Bond

Uninvited Guests At Ugandan Events  Becoming An Offensively Pathetic Habit — Dixon Okello Bond

By Dixon Okello Bond

A friend invited me to an event and the massive crowd I met when I got to the venue nearly fazed me out (because she said it was something small).

The food and drinks were not enough to go round and I left the place hungrier than when I left home.

After the event, I asked my friend what happened to the ‘small party’ and the non-availability of food.

She said she didn’t even know where the people came from.

Invitees invited others who in turn invited others.

She mainly blamed some called celebrities, for turning up uninvited.

At least, we have to be considerate when people invite us to celebrate with them – of course, they won’t expect us to come alone but they are equally not expecting us to come along with friends and friends of friends.

What happened to being courteous enough to ask your host if you can come with a friend or two?

The uninvited guests are rather quick to get to the food than the invited ones.

If you are looking to fete your ‘gang,’ do so from your pocket and not at someone else’s expense.

I’m not even going to bother talking about the ‘food/drink’ packers who package their takeaway (for the following days meal) when everyone has not had their share…..Exhibiting a high level of greed which can only take you to one place – the loo!

If it’s a function like weddings or funerals; we have to keep in mind that the host needs the money more than anything else, so stringing people along in the name of ‘adding flavour’ to the occasion is really uncalled for…

Organizers should also have a guest list at the entrance with a nonsense person, handling it So, If you don’t get food, don’t complain – your gang ate your portion.

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