WEST NILE: Museveni Arrives in Nebbi, To Meet NRM Leaders as Presidential Campaigns Enter Day 5

NRM Candidate, Museveni Leaves Arua State Lodge for the meeting with leaders of Greater Nebbi.

Nebbi –  National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential Candidate, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni has arrived in Nebbi ahead of a scheduled ‘scientific’ meeting with party leaders.

Museveni arrived at Nebbi Secondary school playgrounds at 2 O’Clock where is set to address Greater Nebbi NRM Leaders as he climaxes campaigns in the party stronghold West Nile Region.

This marks yet day 5 of the presidential campaigns in the Acholi, Lango and West Nile sub-regions for candidate Museveni.

To deliver the ideology of the NRM mass party, Candidate Museveni has castigated leaders to edify the ideology while informing the electoral of its values.

He equally urged the leaders – who represent the structure of the NRM Party to shun sectarian and identity politics.

“The biggest problem of Africa is identity politics, leaders should preach unity and development other than dwelling on someone’s religion or tribe. The past governments collapsed because of this mentality of sectarian politics,” Museveni said while drawing catchphrases from the local Lugbara dialect connecting with his audience.

While addressing party leaders in Arua at Muni University on Thursday, November 12, Candidate Museveni explained that because of the core principles of the ruling NRM party, Uganda has been able to remain stable for over 30 years but also develop through the creation of jobs and other investments.

According to the President, Uganda’s tax base has also increased over the years and that the country has been able to fund its own budget for infrastructural development like roads and electricity.

“The NRM has learnt how to do things the easy way. What you should do is to show the other party leaders the way but not carrying things on your head.”

He said that though initiatives like Emyooga, the NRM government wants to ensure people create jobs and creation but also urged people to produce for both home consumption and for sale.

As the campaign trail takes a notch higher, candidate Museveni is set to engage NRM party leader in Moyo District as he winds up presidential campaigns in the West Nile Region

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